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PhalloCenter of Texas offers non-surgical and surgical solutions to increase penis size. Our board-certified urologist has over 30 years of surgical expertise and is the most experienced penis enlargement surgeon in the southwest. We offer treatment solutions for penis enhancement, penile shortening after prostate cancer surgery, buried penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, and peyronies. 

We treat all ages but most of our patients are men who have lost a little bit of size with age or just want to be bigger.  Many treatment plans include our BodyTite technology to reduce stomach and pubic fat along with increasing penis size.  A reduction on stomach fat can increase penetration depth for him and increase feeling for her. 

  • All-natural solution.Your body easily accepts the implant.

  • Fast Recovery – return to sexual activity in about 2 weeks.

  • Permanent solutions to increase length and girth.

  • Repeatable in case you want to get even BIGGER.


Penis enhancement surgery is a life changing procedure for many men, so we game plan every step of your treatment to ensure success.  Tissue harvesting and re-implantation is used to enhance every part of the body and is the safest solution to increase penis size.  Our patients achieve optimal results by following our treatment protocol and post-op therapy program.

Our offices in OK treat patients from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, and East Texas.  All of our patients travel, so we offer treatments every Friday so you don’t have to miss work. You will be required to spend one night but can drive home the next day.


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